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Encrypted Cloud Backups

Whether you're an individual or a business, the loss of important information can be devastating. In this digital world we often take for granted that sometimes hard drives fail, sometimes data corrupts, and sometimes accidents happen.

Experience peace of mind with:
  • Up to 10TB online storage space; access it from anywhere you have internet access!
  • Secure data storage; encrypted twice in a way that ensures only you have access to your private data.
  • Completely automatic backups; no drives to remember to plug in, our backup solution is completely automated, so you can worry about more important things.
  • Off-site backups in case of disaster; since our backup is stored over a distributed network, away from your home or office, it is safe from unpleasant events such as fire, theft, etc.
For the information you cannot afford to lose, we offer our encrypted cloud backup service: For more information, please get in touch at