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Business Support Contracts

Are you a local business looking for an established and reliable computer support firm? We offer a range of flexible support solutions, including dedicated support contracts.

Sign up for our dedicated business support service:

  • With our remote support package, we can solve many day-to-day computer problems without having to visit your place of work; minimising disruption to your business.
  • We can remotely manage backup of your critical data, with weekly checks by our technicians to ensure your backups are always running smoothly.
  • Your computers health will be constantly monitored by our system, so we can alert you to potential issues before they become a real problem.
  • Antivirus is covered by us remotely, you no longer have to deal with antivirus pop-ups that are difficult to understand. If your computer does get an infection we will be alerted and will act accordingly, usually without any disruption to you.
  • We manage all the time-consuming maintenance of your computers; scheduling updates, applying security patches, clearing temporary folders etc and will do all we can to keep your machines running smoothly, securely and efficiently.
  • Friendly, local support engineers who you will get to know and build a rapport with over the duration of your contract.

If you have any questions or would like to request a free quotation for your business please get in touch.